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Bed Bugs in Seattle, WA

Bed bugs are back. After their near eradication following WWII, bed bugs began to resurface in the '90s and continue to be a growing nuisance. Bed bugs cause small skin irritations, but their psychological effects can bring about even more damage. No one wants to sleep tight when they know the bed bugs might bite.

Do you suspect a bed bug infestation in your home? Bed bugs prefer to feed while you’re asleep, and because bed bugs bites have different effects on different people, it’s hard to know for certain if bed bugs are causing those itchy welts or rashes. If you think you might need bed bug control in your Seattle, WA, home, you should call a pest expert from Eagle Pest Eliminators to make sure.

We Inform and Assist our Concerned Customers

Our experts will inspect your home, educate you on bed bug infestations, and help you know the warning signs for bed bugs. Bed bugs are pervasive, and even the highest precautions can’t guarantee your home will stay bug-free, but these prevention tips may help you catch an infestation early:

  • Examine bedrooms after vacations or guest visits.
  • Likewise, when you go on vacation, check your beds for possible infestations.
  • Frequently wash bedding, and try to use the hottest permissible setting.
  • Consider buying mattress encasements (not mattress covers).

When bed bugs do catch hold in your house, don’t worry. If our professionals detect an infestation, they will apply integrated pest management principles to help with bed bug control. Seattle, WA is a known hotspot for bed bug invasions, and our experts know the necessary techniques to deal with them.

We Treat Bed Bug Infestations

We believe in eco-friendly pest removal. Our technicians focus on removing the infestation while keeping your family and the environment safe. First, our professionals will provide indirect treatment. They will help you identify debris and cracks in your walls and around windows where bed bugs can hide and recommend appropriate repairs.

Next, our bed bug control experts will provide direct treatment to your home, based on the seriousness of your infestation and environmental factors. Our treatments target bed bugs at all stages of their lifecycle.

After removal, we have a satisfaction guarantee, and we want to make sure you are at ease and satisfied with the results of our bed bug control for your Seattle area, WA home.

Contact Us Today

When you contact us for a free estimate, our certified technicians scrutinize every detail of your house and give you their professional opinion. They will also discuss treatment options to ensure you are informed before they take any other action.

If you think you need bed bug control in Seattle, WA, call our staff today at 425-398-7365. We will provide you with peace of mind, valuable information, and affordable service.