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German Cockroaches in Seattle, WA



Have you heard the joke? If the world suffered a nuclear holocaust, what would survive… Keith Richards and cockroaches.  While we’re not sure about Keith Richards, it is true that roaches are tenacious survivors and have developed a resistance to some chemical treatments.  In addition, they are often difficult to detect because of their nocturnal habits.  These factors combined with the health concerns associated with roaches make them one of the most distressing pests a homeowner can encounter.

Roaches or their eggs are often transported from grocery store bags and boxes into the home or from luggage after visiting an infested area.  In the Seattle area, residents are most likely to find German and Brown Banded roaches.  German roaches are most commonly found in the kitchen and bathroom areas near moisture, while the Brown Banded roach requires warm temperatures to survive and is often seen close to the ceiling to take advantage of the warmer air.  Roaches feed on grease and other food crumbs and have been linked to allergy and asthma problems, especially in young children.  Because roaches reproduce at such a rapid rate, a roach infestation can quickly spiral out-of-control; not to worry though, the knowledgeable technicians at Eagle Pest Eliminators can rid your Seattle area home of these unwanted pests.


Prevention Tips

As mentioned above, roaches or their eggs most often hitch a ride on boxes, bags or luggage, so inspecting these items when you return home, especially from places that may be infested is a good place to start, but not 100% effective. Sanitation and maintenance are really the key components to keeping your home roach free.  Below is a list of prevention tips to keep roaches and other insects out of your home:

Clean it up!  Clutter and mess provide areas for insects to hide, and food crumbs and grease are a gourmet meal for insects.  Be sure to clean in the out of the way areas like behind the stove and under the fridge.  You might be surprised what you find back there.

Cover it up!  Don’t leave food sitting out uncovered.  Put leftovers in a plastic container or bag.

Wash the dishes!  Dirty, wet pots and pans provide an exquisite dining experience for roaches.

Take out the trash!  Be sure to empty the garbage can often and clean up any food or drink residue that has accumulated on the outside or inside.

Remove the moisture!  Insulating pipes in the kitchen, bathroom, and around the water heater prevents condensation from forming thus eliminating a water source for pests.  The goal is to eliminate all moisture which may also include making necessary repairs to pipes or plumbing fixtures.

Seal it up!  Caulk around cabinets, water pipes and fill gaps to eliminate hiding places and harborages for insects.


Identification & Recommendation

At Eagle Pest Eliminators, we are dedicated to the safest and most efficient pest control methods, so we positively identify the roach species to ensure we are using the proper treatments in your house.  Once we have identified the type of roach, treatment options will be recommended by our technician.


Treatment & Safety

Our technicians will treat your residence in the most eco-friendly manner possible to keep your family and our environment safe.  Our technician will start with a visual inspection and monitoring process to identify the species and find the harborage areas.  After discovering where the roaches are located, the technician will treat with baits and/or EPA approved products to eliminate the infestation.   As we all know, roaches do not always die easy, so our technician will schedule a follow-up visit to ensure the job is complete to your satisfaction.


Contact Us Today

When you contact us for a free estimate, our certified technicians will inspect your home and provide you with a detailed plan to get rid of those roaches.  They will also discuss treatment options to ensure you are informed before they take any action.

If you need cockroaches removed in Seattle, WA, call our staff today at 425-398-7365. We will provide you with peace of mind, valuable information, and affordable service.