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Moisture Ants in Seattle, WA

moisture ants

Moisture Ants
Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Formicidae
Species: FAcanthomyops spp., Lasius spp.

Moisture Ants, as the name implies, are usually only found in areas where moisture is present.  Like Carpenter Ants, Moisture Ants are extremely valuable in the natural world to aid decomposition, but they can also find their way into water damaged wood in our homes and cause alarm for homeowners.  Fortunately, moisture ants thrive in damp places, so if the moisture can be removed, the ants will evacuate the area.  However, the discovery of moisture ants usually leads to the discovery of other problems such as leaky pipes, gutters, or plumbing fixtures, as well as rotted wood and foundation problems.

Prevention Tips

  • Keep firewood and scrap wood piles at least 100 feet away from structures and off the ground if possible
  • Fix any damaged or rotting wood on the structure as this is a likely entry point for Moisture Ants
  • Repair any moisture problems such as roof or plumbing leaks
  • Trim back tree branches and foliage at least 3 feet away from structures to eliminate access for pests
  • Seal cracks and spaces in the foundation and around plumbing and electrical fixtures entering the house
  • Remove any tree stumps close to the house as they provide a great nesting location for Moisture Ants
  • Use treated wood for construction in damp areas where moisture cannot be removed
  • Ensure proper drainage away from the house and other structures


Moisture Ant are often confused with Carpenter Ants because they have some similar characteristics, most notably nesting in wood.  However, Moisture Ants workers are usually yellow, brown, or reddish in color, smaller (1/8 inch) and all one size, while Carpenter Ants are usually larger (1/4 inch to 1/2 inch), black ants whose workers vary in size. In addition, a Moisture Ants’ back has a notch in it, while a Carpenter Ant’s back will be smooth and rounded. Sometimes the winged reproductive ants alert homeowners to the presence of a colony when they leave the nest in the fall to create new colonies. Finally, homeowners may see sawdust (frass) from the ants burrowing into the wood similar to Carpenter Ants causing further confusion about which species may be infesting the house. When you call Eagle Pest Eliminators, we positively identify the ant species and provide recommendations to ensure effective and safe treatments, and your 100% satisfaction.

Treatment and Safety

Ultimately, removing the source of the moisture and replacing any rotted or damaged wood will eliminate the Moisture Ants, but in the interim, our technicians can provide relief by treating your residence with EPA approved products.  But, please be aware the ants may return if the moisture and damaged wood is not replaced in a timely manner.  

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